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Air Conditioning Repair Tips

Here are a few common things to check before scheduling your service call.

  1. Ensure that your air conditioner has a clean filter
  2. If your air conditioning system thermostat takes batteries ensure that it is not indicating low batteries
  3. If you were recently in the attic and now notice that the air conditioner dosen't turn on, ensure that you turned off the light switch and not the air conditioning system switch when exiting the attic.
  4. Your air conditioning system can work at half capacity and still provide cooling. Ensure that you have annual inspections and safety checks!

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Furnace Check Up & Inspection in Greeley, CO 80638

Our company would like to extend to Greeley residents a complete Furnace Check Up and Safety Inspection at a discount. Our furnace checks include:

  1. Inspect Heating Voltage Connections
  2. Furnace Control Board Inspection
  3. Furnace and Heating Control Wire Inspection
  4. Heat Strip Operation
  5. Blower Motor Capacitor Limits
  6. Blower Motor and Wheel Assembly Inspection
  7. Check Energy Usage of Indoor Unit
  8. Check Air Filter for Replacement
  9. Inspect Furnace Gas Connections for Leaks
  10. Furnace Burner Assembly Inspection
  11. Hot Surface Igniter Wear
  12. Furnace Heat Exchanger Video Inspection
  13. Heating Safety Switches Check
  14. Heating Operating Temperatures
  15. Thermostat Operation
  16. Accessible Ductwork Inspection
  17. Exterior Debris Removal
  18. Furnace Flame Sensor Cleaning
  19. Furnace Burner Housing Cleaning
  20. and more...

Furnace Maintenance Program in Greeley, CO 80638


Greeley Furnace Maintenance includes:

  • Complete Furnace Inspections
  • Debris Removal and Cleanings
  • Complete Detailed Heating System Inspections
  • Discounted pricing on all service
  • Extended warranty on repairs
  • High priority scheduling
  • Fewer repairs and longer life of chimney
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Cleaner home
  • Peace of mind

*Cracked, damaged, or rusted furnaces can become a dangerous source of carbon monoxide gas which can be very hazardous to your health.


The air conditioning not blowing cold...

The air conditioning is coming on and the vents are blowing air but the air is not cold... What causes this?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions about air conditioning and ac repairs. This question also has one of the largest range of possible ac repairs. However if you do know that you have air blowing out of all your vents and it is simply not cold then the first place to start is out side at your air conditioner or heat pump.

1.Make sure you do not have a tripped breaker for your ac. If you do then call a service professional. If your breakers are good then see if the fan is spinning on the top of your air conditioning unit.

If the fan is not spinning you possibly have a bad fan motor, capacitor, or both.

2. If the fan is spinning then reach down and hold the larger of the two copper lines (usually wrapped in black insulation) and see if the line is cold.

If the line is not cold the air conditioning system could be low on freon, or have a bad compressor, or have a bad capacitor, or a combination of these.


I changed out my thermostat recently...

I changed out my thermostat recently and now my air conditioning doesn't come on... Do I need an ac repair?

In many cases if you have already tried changing out the thermostat it may not be necessary to call a service professional for an ac repair. Simply double check your wiring and ensure that all your connections are tight and that you correctly followed the instructions.

If during the installation the main power was not turned off you may have blown a control fuse. As long as the wiring has been corrected and and you feel comfortable opening up the furnace or air handler panels then changing the fuse is a simple solution.

1. Ensure all power to the unit at the breaker box is off. Find the control fuse (usually mounted on the control board inside the furnace or air handler control panel). DO NOT OVER SIZE THE FUSE! If you have a 3amp fuse go back with a 3amp fuse.

2. After replacing the fuse close all the panels and turn back on the power and you should be good to go.

If your control fuse blows again you could possibly still have miss wired the thermostat or have a short circuit in the control wiring and may need an ac repair. It maybe best to call a professional at this point before futher damage to the air conditioning system occurs.


I noticed water dripping outside...

I have noticed water dripping outside from a pipe... Is this a problem with my air conditioning?

This is usually a very common problem that begins with your ac condensate drain lines from your evaporator coil located in the unit that is inside your home either in a hall closet or attic. When you use your air conditioning system the ac evaporator coil creates condensation. This condensation should drain through the normal plumbing of your home. The draining outside of your home is a secondary drain line that lets you know that a problem with your primary drain line has occured.

Usually the only ac repair needed is the primary drain lines being cleared. It may also be a good idea to install a drain line flush kit.

Ignoring this type of problem can cause serious damage to your home. If the problem persists it could lead to damaging flooding to your cieling or flooring.


Ice on the outside air conditioner...

My system is not cooling and I noticed a bunch of ice on the outside air conditioner... What is happening?

There are two main ac repairs that account for this problem 90% of the time. Your air conditioning system will usually freeze if there is...

1. A restriction in air flow (usually casued by dirty air filter, dirty evaporator coil, or even a blocked return duct).

- or -

2. Low freon.

The first step of your ac repair is to allow your entire system to defrost which could take 3-8 hours. If the filter is dirty than replace it and you may have taken care of your problem. If you are using cheap filters that look like dental floss and you can see through then STOP! Buy some decent filters. If you have been buying the cheap ones then you may need to have your evaporator coil cleaned as well.

It is very important not to always assume your low on freon. You should have freon checked annually by a professional.



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